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NolybabJS - i18n-to-csv and csv-to-i18n converter

After many frontend projects that I've worked with and tackled with the same problem - manually convert i18n json files into csv or manually creating keys for each language with the given translation, I've finally decided to create an open source library that will do it for me and save me (and maybe you) some time.


Nolybab is a CLI based i18n-to-csv and csv-to-i18n converter, you can easily convert your i18n json files into csv, and send it to your translators and when they finish to translate and send you the csv back - just convert it back to i18n files.

More info and examples can be found in the README file in the Github repository - nolybab-js

I would very much appreciate any kind of feedbacks or ideas that can improve this library.
And of-course contribution is always welcome :)

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