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Discussion on: TailwindCSS: Adds complexity, does nothing.

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Immense thank you, @brianboyko !

So glad articles like these start to be written, providing simple and precise explanation of what is wrong with Tailwind.

My personal a-ha moment came after inheriting a project with it. It was supposed to be a no-brainer, after all you don't have to learn someone else's home-made CSS framework with Tailwind (they say)!

<!-- nope nope nope nope -->
<nav class="absolute lg:relative lg:flex lg:text-sm bg-indigo-darker lg:bg-transparent pin-l pin-r py-4 px-6 lg:pt-10 lg:pl-12 lg:pr-6 -mt-1 lg:mt-0 overflow-y-auto lg:w-1/5 lg:border-r z-40 hidden">
    <li class="ml-2 mb-4 flex">                    
        <div class="hover:cursor-pointer text-white lg:text-indigo-darkest no-underline font-medium mobile-home-trigger"></div>
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Yeah, lg:pl-12 lg:pr-6 -mt-1 lg:mt-0, give me home-made CSS frameworks any time instead of this mess.