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Vasyl Zubach
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10 Phone skins in CSS

Phones in CSS

A while ago after I did an iPhone and Lumia in CSS and a touch of JavaScript (for basic functionality like lock & unlock the device), I was contacted by one company to re-create 10 specific android skins in CSS. I did the order quickly in my spare time but never had a chance to share them publicly.

Now I guess is a time, ~8 years after the work was done 🤪

So, here's the list:

You can check the entire collection page on Codepen - Imageless Devices in CSS.

Default Android Device Skin 4"

Galaxy S4

Galaxy S3

Galaxy Note 3

Nexus 5


Sony Xperia Z1

Lenovo VIBE X

Ascend Mate 2

Xiaomi Mi3

Which one do you like more? ;)

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