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Best Programming Books in 2020

vasilevskialeks profile image Aleksandar Vasilevsk Originally published at ・1 min read

There are many books out there for programmers and no one can read every book out there. There are many more articles about programming books written too, but it is hard to find a good filtered list with books for programmers. In this article, I wanted to make a list that will help everyone to find particular books about programming topics that they are interested in to read. I selected this particular list of books not just to improve your coding skills and make you a better programmer, but would also help you to grow as a person in every way.

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Fred Buecker

Kudos on the inclusion of Clean Code. I admittedly just started it, but it's easy to see why it belongs on everyones' "must read" list.

jouo profile image

Same here! I started it a week ago, would recommend it to anyone

ollimac73 profile image

Nice books, some of them can get a bit on the ‘over-complicated’ side. For sure, reading most of them, can benefit any programmer at any stage of their career path.

aftabksyed profile image
Aftab Syed

I love this book list. Very popular connection