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Node.js Crypto Trading For Beginners

Do you want to know the simplest way to create a crypto trading application in Node.js?

In fact, you can buy/sell cryptocurrencies with less than 10 lines of code, of course using a dependency

1. Login to a Crypto Exchange

If you don't have an account, you can create one on Binance or Bybit and get API keys for free

import { login, } from "@reiryoku/mida";

const myAccount = await login("Binance/Spot", {
    apiKey: "***",
    apiSecret: "***",
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This is a Node.js framework allowing to buy and sell on financial markets through different trading platforms, handling all the headaches under the hood

2. Buy/Sell Cryptocurrencies

Now that we have an account instance, we can buy/sell cryptocurrencies, in this example we buy 1 Bitcoin at the current market price

const myOrder = await myAccount.placeOrder({
    symbol: "BTCUSDT",
    direction: MidaOrderDirection.BUY,
    volume: 1,

console.log(`Bought 1 Bitcoin for ${myOrder.executionPrice} USD!`);
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3. Listen real-time prices

At this point we can also listen to the real-time price changes of cryptocurrencies, in this example we listen to Bitcoin price changes

import { marketWatcher, } from "@reiryoku/mida";

const watcher = await marketWatcher({ tradingAccount: myAccount, });

await"BTCUSDT", { watchTicks: true, });

watcher.on("tick", (event) => {
    const { tick, } = event.descriptor;

    log(`Bitcoin price is now ${} USD!`);
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This framework is fully open source and you can find it on GitHub:

It handles sockets and http calls under the hood, providing a single API for dealing with different trading platforms, saving us a lot of time

In short, this are basic concepts of algorithmic trading: establishing a connection to our account on a specific trading platform, listening to real-time prices and placing orders

4. Be careful
Algorithmically trading in financial markets involves using real money, it's is highly speculative and carries a high level of risk. It's possible to lose all your capital. If you are curious and want to try, I highly suggest to just try with a demo account (trading simulation with fake money), DYOR as always!

To end, it's mandatory to say that I'm the author and maintainer of this framework. I created this post mainly for creating some awareness about programming in financial markets with JavaScript/TypeScript!

If you liked this content please let me know so I can bring further content, for example on how to build a trading bot or trade other assets such as stocks or forex in Node.js!


Thank you


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