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Vasil Vasilev
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Smart City and Open Data

Hello Guys,

I want to open a discussion about smart cities. Your opinion matters!
Firstly let's start with what is the meaning of the phrase "smart city"?

In my opinion, a smart city is a city that uses information and communication technologies to increase operational efficiency, share information with the public and improve both the quality of government services and citizen welfare.

Actually, everything in a city can be smart if and only if uses some components to improve its quality and flexibility. For example, lots of cities already have the advantage to use the plate recognition of a car in order to pay their parking without any effort, just the parking cost is deducted from their debit/credit card.

Here comes your opinion! What do you think a smart city and open data is? How can they be combined together? Do you think open data provided by your country is useful enough?

Thank you for your time reading this, hopefully, we can get in touch and discuss this at further points.

V. Vasilev

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Ben Halpern

My hopes for a smart city would be one that is building solid long term smarts into its infrastructure, and not cutting corners or thinking too short-sited. It's hard to think of an institution more susceptible to technical debt than a city.

My smart city would expose solid sturdy APIs, respond to failure and build resilient systems, and act with the humbleness that they are not building any silver bullets.