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Talk - A free video call app for the web

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I created Hello ( in 2018 and many people quickly started using it, but I have to sell it in 2019 as it was in autopilot mode and I didn't do any enhancement to it for a long time. I sold it, so that some else can pick it up and update it, but that did not happen, it's still in the same state as 2018.

Recently, there have been few enhancements in WebRTC and related APIs, but I couldn't update Hello now. So I created this separate app with those enhancements and stabilizations. I also added a stable screen sharing feature for supported devices.

Introducing "Talk - A free video call app for the web".

Though it does not get its own fancy domain name, it's stable, works 100% and supported by all the modern browsers in all the platforms (both desktop & mobile).

Check it out and let me know what you think.

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