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My First Official Open Source Contribution

Hi there,

Yesterday, I visited to write some article and browse some articles and found "around 700 people contributed to forem" and I clicked on it which took me to the github page of forem which powers
contribute to forem

I found it interesting and went through some issues and found out that there is a bug with badge description rendering twice in

badge twice description

Today(11/11/2022), I forked the repo into my GitHub account and clone it into my local. At first I found it scary with so many configuration files but thanks to developer docs which helped me installing dependencies to start the application in my local.

I am using Ubuntu operating system, I started installing the dependencies with the help of Developer docs. I installed rbenv , Ruby 3.0.2 , PostgreSQL, ImageMagick, Redis. After installing all these, I started running scripts for application to load. But, those scripts were failing. I debugged for some time and found out that I need to give DATABASE_URL with username and password in .env file.

Finally, I successfully managed to run the application in my localhost.


Now, I need to find the code location for the badge description. After several searches, I found the file name and the code relate to it which has two descriptions, So I remove one, committed and pushed my code.I created the pull request and it got accepted by today itself.

code changes

merge code

The final result, now badge is showing description.

final badge

I am so happy, I know this is just a small contribution but I liked it. I want to do it again.

Thank you.

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