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Let's Start the Journey for better job

Hi Everyone,
This is Vasanth Kumar Cheepurupalli from India. I was graduated in June 2021 with Computer Science and Engineering Bachelor's Degree.

I started working in a IT company based on Hyderabad(India) since August 2021. I was trained as a Full Stack MERN developer during Aug 15 - Sep 15 and got into React Project for the next 6 months. And by April 2022 I was into another React Project which will end in few days(Nov 29, 2022).

Its been a good year in terms of work but things were starting monotonous. It is like same day but developing different UI screen.

Now, I want to apply for different remote jobs which will pay better(current salary is $500-$600/month). But the problem is I feel like "I am not the candidate to apply for that job" (insecure feeling). And I don't have a strong DSA skills (Leetcode) or Git-hub profile. (I didn't even a portfolio website)

During August 2021, my plan is to equip myself with better skills and be in a better job after a year(because I signed a bond to work at least for a year). But it didn't happened. And you guessed it right, that goal moved a year ahead. So, now it is same goal => Equip new skills, be a better programmer, land in a better job.

To do that I want to go public and have my journey documented through blogging.

Let's rock it guys.

PS: I do love my current job as it is my first. Just upset with myself for not upgrading.

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