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Build APIs without code

Building no-code API creation platform @Fireapis
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I have been involving in building no code API builder platform Fireapis where now APIs can be built within minutes and can be consumed easily.No need to worry about deployment, scalability, availability, etc..,
Another thing is we can create different APIs resources for different environments (stage, prod, dev, or any, etc..,)

Now, I'll show you how to make an example (we say Plan) API without any code and consume our Plan API

First, enter into and signup, its free account

First step:
You will be landed on the Dashboard page after signup or login, go to the Environments tab

The first thing is we have to create an environment



Enter our environment name, domain URL, and a short description about the environment, then click Add

Now we have created our environment.

Second step:

Next thing, we have to go to the API tab section, Click Add new API button


Enter the name and URL of our endpoint and select the environment for which API has to be built


Now, we are going to add fields for our API. Here for eg, I have added name as string type, amount as a numeric type,is_active as boolean, description as a string that can accept null and blank values. For primary key leaving a blank as it will auto add field id as primary key, if not added custom primary key



After adding all fields, click Add.

Now successfully we have created Plan API

Third Step:
Now we are going to test our Plan API endpoint by using the
autogenerated curl command


Going to test different request by using the auto-generated curl command


We have got success response after making a POST request for Plan API

Now we going to make GET request for the primary key using curl command



Now we have got a response for GET request using the primary key


We can check our logs, now we enter into the Logs tab section




We can see a detailed log report for different requests

Now we have created an API that can do CRUD operation in few minutes


Solving the development time and difficulties in coding, scaling, and storage of data using API within few minutes.

Fireapis also provides Logs for all the request coming in and out for your different set of environments

We hope you liked this write up and got the gist of fireapis on how it can be used in your projects

Feel free to reach out to us by Email( if you would like to know more about Fireapis.

Iā€™d love to hear what you think of Fireapis and if there is anything we can improve.

Catch you in the next one šŸ‘‹

Discussion (4)

jonlauridsen profile image
Jon Lauridsen

Cool. Related to Firebase or...?

This article didn't really answer for me how and where I write my business logic, how to manage migrations, etc., even if those are done off-service I feel there's a complete narrative missing for me to fully "get it". But it sounds really interesting!

vasanth7781 profile image
Vasanth Author

Hi Jon,

Regarding Business logic, as of now, we can make field level filter using query params and all the results will have auto pagination, other than that for any custom logic we have to think about the design and will come with the solution which makes API backend creation as easy process

Migrations will be happening automatically once we create or update changes in the API resource and also each field will have auto validations according to its data types

We are designing webhooks on any field changes in a particular API resource, where we can attach lambda function for any other business activities

There will be some API template (like we say just add notification API for both email and SMS, etc..,)

I hope that the above is answered, if you have any questions please feel free to comment

rajeshkumaryadavdotcom profile image

Sounds interesting; how reliable is this? Is it free or paid? How about security of API?

vasanth7781 profile image
Vasanth Author

Hi, there are free and paid versions are available. There are two types of security, first thing is environment token will be given while creating an environment where it maintains environment level security and for each endpoint authorization, we are going to have a JWT flow like a signup and login flow which gives JWT token, this token will be used while consuming each endpoint (this implementation is work in progress) and coming to reliability as of now there was no downtime for our APIs and DB and performance in an average response time of APIs in <900 ms (we are working on optimization to get even faster response time)


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