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Varshith V Hegde
Varshith V Hegde

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Suggestions to my file sharing Web App

As if you have followed my blogs my famous blog was about creating a File Sharing website using simple javascript

Why this blog?

First of all , I thank all the community who made that blog a great success. Also ,it was my first blog that made top 10 in the trending section. I am really thankful to all of you.

When I made that blog there were many suggestions from the community.
So I want to get direct suggestions from the community to make my website better.
This is a open source project and you can contribute to it.

What is the project about?

github link: []

Any Share

Any Share is a simple, lightweight, and fast file sharing service. It is written in Javascript and uses the Firebase platform.


  • Upload files
  • Download files
  • Delete files
  • Share files
  • View files
  • Secure file sharing


  • Any Share uses Firebase to store files. It uses Firebase Storage to store files and Firebase Realtime Database to store metadata of files.
  • When a file is uploaded, it is stored in Firebase Storage and a unique ID is generated for the file. This ID is used to access the file.
  • The metadata of the file is stored in Firebase Realtime Database. This metadata includes the url to the file and the unique ID of the file.
  • When a file is shared, the unique ID of the file is shared. This ID is used to access the file.
  • Receiver of the file can access the file using the unique ID of the…
  • Please suggest some of the features that may be added
  • Project is open source on GitHub create a pull request

All comments are Accepted

Fictional Ideas are also well accepted

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