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Pros of Choosing AngularJS Technology for web development

Information Technology is continuously growing and developing. We also keep changing and developing ourselves to stay with technology. The recent trend of a website on a single page application is coming up. Now, this trend is developing with a better technology named angularJS. AngularJS technology is one of the preferred JavaScript frameworks among many organizations starting from start-up to enterprises.

What is angularJS?

AngularJS is a JavaScript framework. It is based upon an open-source front-end web framework mainly managed by Google. It also supports by the technical community and organizations to mark the challenges in developing single-page applications. It was invented by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons in 2009.

The new version of angularJS is 2.4. You can use HTML as the template language. The framework is specially wanted to develop agile and powerful Single-Page Applications (SPA). As technology is growing fast, most companies lately are using AngularJS developers to create their mobile applications. The framework makes front-end development as easy as possible and comes with great features that will make your application easy.

Advantage of angularJS development web application

AngularJS technology provides the developers to create Single page web applications in a very neat and clean manner and also to maintain it properly.
• It provides the capability of binding data with HTML and provides a rich and responsive output with a better experience.
• It provides a facility for using dependency injections and helps in the utilization of separation of concerns.
• It provides a capability of writing less code, but with more roles.
• It also provides the capability of viewing the pages in HTML and the regulator in JavaScript.
Moreover, it runs on all major web browsers and smartphones. It also works on android and IOS mobile phones too.

Here are some of the main Pros of choosing AngularJS

1. Highly testable products

One of the key components of Angular is that it creates highly testable websites and applications. By allowing unit testing and end-to-end testing, it makes testing and debugging much simpler than you'll imagine. Dependency injections, For example, it allows multiple components to be separated and isolated. Protractor, Jasmine, and Karma are further different testing tools for the framework.

2. The MVVM architecture

AngularJS performs Model-View-Controller and Model-View-ViewModel architectural design patterns which set important frameworks for application performance. With these selections, the information is separated from design and visual description which makes web applications easy to manage.

3. Single-Page Applications

AngularJS is well recognized for the development of single-page applications. SPA loads the whole content of a site within one page. And, clicking on other links it won't update the next page. Some domains that have single-page applications are video streaming websites, weather forecasts, user-experience, travel apps, etc.

4. Easy data-binding

Data binding is an important feature of AngularJS technology. There is an active organization between the data model and the HTML view. If there is any change in a user interface, it will affect the application objects and it works in the other way also.

5. Declarative UI

AngularJS is used to form easy Angular UI applications. It includes both the Bootstrap 3 and the Angular stage. AngularJS implements HTML which may be a declarative language that makes flexible and clear UI. The code style is very simpler and innovative.

6. Amazing user experience

AngularJS is performing best in designing the application. The framework that appears visually appealing to the customers, thus providing great user experience. Hire developer now from our company for enhanced user experience.

7. Faster and easy to use

AngularJS speeds up the development ideas and creates the applications in lesser time. AngularJS makes applications easy to manage and lightens the difficulties. Our team has knowledge of the main functionalities of AngularJS. And with good knowledge, they can easily remove all the errors from the application.

8. Security

Security is the main concern for all business companies. As any gap in security can cause data failures and companies cannot afford to risk their data. AngularJS uses RESTful (Representational State Transfer) APIs as an HTTPS interface to communicate with the servers to protect your application from harmful threats or viruses.

9. Strong and flexible routing

Our AngularJS development company offers you with single-page application development for strong and flexible routing. SPAs are displayed on one single page and you don't need to click on links. Hire AngularJS developers from our software development center to create agile and robust single-page applications.

10. POJO data models

The AngularJS uses an easy data model of POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Objects). You can change it directly and can also connect over the objects as well. The coding looks clear and simple that every developer can understand.

11. MVC pattern

MVC pattern is an added advantage. We build web applications that supported the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture. MVC framework makes the applications handy and powerful.

12. Enhanced flexibility

AngularJS seems with a simple design architecture and server performance, it is amazingly helpful to use. hence, AngularJS is a largely executed framework among many companies varying from small to large.


There are lots of frameworks in the market, so it is quite difficult for the developer to ignore the features of AngularJS web development application. The AngularJS is a very large community. If you stuck somewhere while developing the web application, there are lots of skilled developers who will help you out in your problems. AngularJS is provided with the best web application development framework which allows easy and effective web development.

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