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SMS/Call Bombing using TBomb for linux distribution and Termux

varaprasad_gudi profile image Gudi Varaprasad Updated on ・1 min read


This is a SMS Bomber for Debian Based Linux And Termux.

This Script is strictly only for Educational Purposes. Do not Use This To Harm anyone. I am nowhere responsible for the misuse of this Script.

This simple method can be implemented without sim balance.

The Script requires a working internet connection and termux. No sim card or internet Balance will be debited for using this approach inorder to send an SMS/make a call using python script.

Features :

  • Lots of integrated SMS/call APIs.
  • Unlimited (Limited against abusing) and super-fast bombing.
  • International bombing available.
  • Call bombing.
  • Frequent updates.
  • Automatic updating mechanism.
  • Easy to use and embed in code.


Clone with HTTPS
Use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. : (


by google

More details about this : (

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Ben Sinclair

This is possibly interesting from a code point of view, but to "prank" your friends? It seems a little mean. There's not really a legitimate use for software like this.

As they say on their Github page, use of software such as this has resulted in real problems:

Due misusing of TBomb, several API's died

That's disingenuous; it's not "misuse" of an application to use it in the way it's designed. They could have written "Due to the use of..." instead, really, couldn't they? Anyway, they've spoiled the use of some APIs for other aspiring developers.

I think we should be careful what we do, and treat open resources with respect. A lot of developers enjoy the ability to run small projects on the free tier of Google Maps, for example. If someone wrote a similar app that ran against their API and Google took the free tier away, everyone's worse off.

varaprasad_gudi profile image
Gudi Varaprasad Author

Thank you for your comment, I agree with you and your point of view. Especially the last para made it meaningful.