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Brent Vanwildemeersch
Brent Vanwildemeersch

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Fix Microsoft Teams screen sharing on Ubuntu 22.04


When you install Microsoft Teams on Linux Ubunut 22.04, screen/desktop sharing doesn't work (v1.5.00.10453)
When you open the sharing tray on the native or the web-client of MS teams, its empty as shown below.

Screenshot empty sharing tray MS Teams


The origin of this problem is that Linux Ubuntu 22.04 uses Wayland as main communication protocol between a display server and its clients. And the Elektron version that Teams is currently using doesn't support Wayland as it should.



Solving the screen sharing issue is easily resolved by just disabling Wayland in your display manager

Assuming GDM3 is your default display manager, editing the config can disable Wayland

 sudoedit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf
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Image config Wayland enabled
Uncomment #WaylandEnable=false and save your changes

Restart your device or restart GDM3

sudo systemctl restart gdm3
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After restart, this should resolve the issues with MS Teams screen sharing

Top comments (5)

darrenhall profile image
Darren Hall

Worked perfectly, thanks!

n3o_ profile image

Thanks a lot, you saved my life

bigkrp profile image

But if I want use wayland, are there any options?

vanwildemeerschbrent profile image
Brent Vanwildemeersch Author

Unfortunately, I haven't found a way to use Wayland successfully share screens with Microsoft Teams

hamzadlm profile image

Fixed sharing problem but disabled my second monitor

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