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Kali Linux is a popular operating system used for various purposes, including:

Penetration Testing: Kali Linux is equipped with a vast array of tools for conducting ethical hacking and penetration testing. It can be used to test the security of a network, web applications, and systems.

Digital Forensics: Kali Linux can be used for digital forensics investigations, which involves the recovery and analysis of data from digital devices.

Cybersecurity Training: It is a great platform for students and professionals to learn and practice cybersecurity skills.

Software Development: Kali Linux supports programming languages such as Python, Perl, Ruby, and others, making it a suitable platform for software development.

Wireless Network Testing: Kali Linux provides a suite of tools for analyzing and testing wireless networks.

Web App Security Testing: Kali Linux is equipped with tools for testing and exploiting vulnerabilities in web applications.

Reverse Engineering: It is used for reverse engineering and analysis of malware, software, and firmware.

Note: Kali Linux should only be used for legal and ethical purposes. The tools provided in Kali Linux can be used to perform malicious activities, which is illegal.

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