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Where are you from? has attracted tech-centric people from all around the world, of that I'm sure.

Share with us (if you're comfortable), where you're currently residing and what the tech scene is like there!

I'll kick it off, I live and work in London. I'm part of the tech scene in multiple ways, and the thing which I love about London is that there's constantly meetups and conferences happening that I can go to, learn new things and meet new people.

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I live in Israel.
The tech scene here is pretty big.
We have lots of R&D centers of big companies, thousands of startup companies (if not tens of thousands), several big acquisitions a year.
Lots of Israelis want to start their own company, and there are many meetups and groups around that. VCs are pretty accessible and generally people help each other.

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Mark Flegg

I live in Connecticut, USA, in a pretty rural area. I'm about 45 minutes out from New Haven, where there is a pretty active tech scene, but where I am I'm pretty isolated. That's one reason I'm HERE actually! New Haven IO has a moderately active slack channel that I keep on in the background, and I've been to a few of their meetups.

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Herb Wolfe

I'm in Council Bluffs, Iowa, part of the Omaha metro area.

I'm not really sure what the tech scene is like. I'm doing data processing using the outdated Visual Foxpro. I've been to a couple of Linux User Group meetings, but most of the rest of the tech meetups are at inconvenient times or places for me. :(

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Giuseppe Vetri

Hi! I'm a Venezuelan who lives in Madrid (Spain). I'm an Android Developer and always looking new things to learn 😃