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Built a custom app for Confluence in 24 hours and won the Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon

This is a story about Soumi, a Software Engineer and Technical Writer. 3 months ago, together with her teammate, she participated in the Atlassian Codegeist Hackathon to build Forge apps for Jira and Confluence.

Confluence and Jira are both commonly used at her workplace for updating technical documentation and generating bug reports. These two Atlassian products were quintessential for organized software development and collaboration inside and among different teams.

Together with Souvik, they agreed to build an app for Confluence as they both had used it a lot. And they wanted to integrate it with a product that solved a key problem combined with Confluence and also had good APIs and comprehensive documentation.

After some research, they picked PandaDoc to add eSignature capabilities and make it easy to sign documents without ever leaving Confluence.

So here is the story of how they built a custom app for Confluence using PandaDoc API in 24 hours and won the Most valuable Storytelling category prize in the Atlassian Hackathon. She has also added detailed instructions, using which you can also create your PandaDoc-Confluence app or any other such app in no time. Let’s go!

Please, read the whole article in our tech blog:

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