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At Toggl we are Hiring fully remote Elixir Developers!

Hey people, at Toggl we are hiring 🚀

🦄 We are currently hiring for a passionate Elixir Backend Developer to help us build and maintain our product.
Our tech stack: Elixir, PostgreSQL, Git and Unix

About us

Toggl is the shared brand for Track, Plan, and Hire. All three companies share the same mission—to eliminate stress from the workplace.

🌎 We are a global team of 100+ awesome people geographically dispersed across the world. We have been a fully remote company since 2014 and have worked in a Results-Only-Work-Environment (ROWE) for the past couple of years. That gives our people control over their time and the freedom to work when and where it suits them best.

❤️ We have a set of core values that we live and work by. Our vision and planning are very transparent, and all teams define and decide on their goals in a team effort.

Image descriptionHow to apply:
Take a 20-minute online skills test—no CVs or cover letters needed. If you’re still reading, just go ahead and give it a go!

After that, if all goes well:

  • 1 week to work on a take-home assignment
  • Call and live coding exercise with Iuri (Toggl Plan Engineering Lead)
  • Cultural interview with me
  • Paid test week with Toggl team (3-5 days of work, flexible setting)
  • We make an offer

Are you in?

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