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Valentino Gagliardi on July 09, 2019

I'm the only one completely unable to code or even write a single sentence with music in my hears? I cannot seem to focus when there is background ... [Read Full]
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I actually would program or design or write with Spotify playing in the background, the rhythm helps me focus. The problem would be that I'm singing along and suddenly there's a verse I don't catch that totally throws me off until I google the lyrics. Interestingly, that's what prompted me to make my first open-source library last year, I made it for myself but now it's got ~41k downloads so I think others might go something similar too.

GitHub logo SwagLyrics / SwagLyrics-For-Spotify

📃 Get lyrics of currently playing Spotify song so you don't sing along with the wrong ones and embarrass yourself later.


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Fetches the currently playing song from Spotify on Windows, Linux and macOS and displays the lyrics in the command-line or in a browser tab Refreshes automatically when song changes. The lyrics are fetched from Genius Turns out Deezer already has this feature in-built but with swaglyrics, you can have it in Spotify as well.

I'm mainly trying to build this project as far as I can, for practice and to learn and work with more technologies and platforms.

Initially developed this for personal use. Pretty much functionality oriented -- I usually develop something that I can see helping me and other users in the same situation. Packaged so I can first hand handle production-ready code to an extent and to make distribution and usage easier.


Requires Python3. Use pip or pip3 depending on your installation. You might want to use the --user flag on Linux to avoid…


Really cool project!


Thanks! I've spent more time working on it now than I actually use it 😂


I can play with music but only if there is no "lyric" in it.
Once I hear a lyric, I lose the focus completely.

I sometimes zone in better with music (w/ lyrics) and some other times in total silence.


That's almost the same for me!


I have two colleagues that barely listen to music when coding, instead just deals with the background noise.

But I learnt to code in a call centre, which had about 50+ people in the office, so you can imagine how loud it could get. I really struggle without music because of that, which can be a hinderance at times!


Have you tried white noise, like Noisli or Coffitivity?

In today's work life it's getting harder and harder to find a place where you can work in total silence unfortunately so good noise-cancelling headphones and white noise can be a solution for some who finds music disturbing.


Interesting! Will take a look for sure!


I have a pet theory that ADHD and some ADD kids, especially untreated, use the music as a minimal distraction.

I need a certain amount of distraction to ignore so that I can remain focused. I'll be looking for stimulation from the street or something silly if I am not actively ignoring something.


Huh, that makes a lot of sense for me and my process.


The only music I can have playing is jazz, and it's the only time I listen to jazz. Go figure.


That's funny isnt' it?


For me it’s nearly the same and I’ve wondered why I’m hearing music while programming that I wouldn’t hear normally.


The one thing that music gives you is a beat. If you have a beat, you can get in a rhythm. I find it easier to "stay in the zone" listening to something with a good beat. I used to not listen to music as the music I listened to seemed to just get me distracted.

I've found something like jazz or EDM to provides a beat that helps me have a pace while typing programming.

I love rock/hard rock, but its a lot harder to keep my pace and focus listening to that stuff. I just might be rocking out to hard to focus 🤘 😉

I'm not saying music works for everyone, but I found the more "abstract" music helps me the most :)


I used to always code with music in my ears as a way of controlling the environment. It's better to have the same songs in your ears than people randomly talking. Your brain then filters what it becomes used to, whereas people talking (in a small office) is usually quite obtrusive.

As a musician, my ears and brain is wired to always listen for fine details in sound, whether I want it to or not. That's when well known music helps.

But these days I only listen to music when I'm doing coding tasks that have become second nature. Like from muscle memory or the subconscious.

When learning new concepts I keep the music to a minimum.


At the moment I am listening some middle-east pop music :-) Just before that it was '80s disco.

To me music is like "mental cooling fluid" (that is how I feel it, actually). Without music I get tired fast. And it must be fast and rhythmic music like disco, trance, r'n'r from 50-60, italo disco. Soft stuff like relaxing, jazz or classical does not work.

Do not ask why...


Sometimes I like it really quiet. Sometimes I like to play EDM and affects my coding speed to go faster. It actually really depends on how you actually deal with focus and what is actually happening in your head. I prefer to listen to music so that no one can bother me of what i am doing as I really hate being interrupted while I am in a middle of something.


I can’t imagine working without listening to music. My favorite genres are rap and rock.

These days, ironically enough, I’ve been listening to italian music(Francesco Renga, Ligabue - might sound familiar to you!);

I don’t know how this affects my productivity though. It’s been going well this way!


If you like italian music you should listen to Francesco De Gregori as well :-) Ciao dall'Italia!


I don't mind background noise and music while coding. Complete silence makes me uneasy.


I'm just trying white noise right now and I think I could handle it!


It nice to have total silence, but often it's impossible if you work at the office. It would be great to be able to abstract from any noise.


I can recommend generative.fm/. It is music that endlessly keeps playing. I am a fan of Aphex Twin and the site has aisatsana in endless mode; so cool.

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