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Top 10 Online Learning Apps

Information technology is amazingly transforming education, providing students and teachers with a variety of methods and ways to arrange learning activities. Participants in the educational process have a digital set of tools (smartphones, laptops, and the Internet) that allows them to study anytime and anywhere. Due to the pandemic, online learning has become a top priority for schools, colleges, and universities. The eLearning market is predicted to reach $400 billion by 2026. This is twice as many apps and platforms as there were in 2019. This means that people need useful and functional online learning apps, which will make the transfer and assimilation of new knowledge easy and fast. Let’s consider 10 popular online learning solutions.

PRE-A remote learning platform

A European software development company created the PRE-A learning platform to enable educators to share knowledge online. They record personal lessons or presentations in PowerPoint, adapt the material to different requirements, and post it on the resource. The platform is used by various firms to train and improve the skills of their employees.

A course manager monitors the status of previously downloaded learning materials, manages access rights, and monitors student progress. Course participants have access to a dashboard with detailed analytics: the names of current courses, the number of completed lessons and homework assignments, the time spent on learning, and their progress. For additional information, an employee can refer to the “Courses”, “Library”, and “Helps” sections.

The developers implemented an interesting motivation mechanism in the app. This is a rating of successful employees. Using it, a student can track which of their colleagues is leading in the study of a particular subject. This encourages this person to revise the material more often to complete the mission they have begun and not be worse than their colleagues.

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KIWA online learning app

The KIWA platform is a source of information on highly specialized subjects with the opportunity to obtain recognized certificates. The web resource hosts one-day courses and comprehensive training programs on food safety, internal market audit, medical standards, legionellosis prevention, and other industry knowledge.

KIWA remotely provides the knowledge needed to grow organizations and keep employees or consumers safe. Seminars and pieces of training help specialists develop. Through the platform, you can communicate with your colleagues from other industries and companies, share your experience, and learn about important innovations.

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Kahoot service for interactive learning

According to a Statista survey, 85% of teachers use digital learning elements to help students apply what they have learned in practice and carry out exercises. The web service is one of those places where students practice by playing or taking interactive quizzes.

Kahoot is a perfect example of a service where smartphones do not interfere with learning but involve students in the educational process. A teacher only needs to create a questionnaire from scratch or based on ready-made questions. Then they provide students with access to the game by code through the web app. Quiz questions are displayed on a shared screen, and students need to answer them on their smartphones. Their responses are evaluated, and the rating of students is built in real time.

We have given only one example of how one can use Kahoot. The functionality of the mobile app project is much richer, and it can be used for studying at a university or any private courses.

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Seesaw digital learning environment

Methods that worked in education 10-20 years ago are not suitable for teaching today's students. They are accustomed to exciting content on TV, mobile games, or websites. This is what they expect from the educational process. Teachers should come up with ways to engage and interest students so that they learn the material and can use knowledge in practice. Educational platforms like Seesaw help a lot in this matter.

Seesaw creates a digital environment for schoolchildren that encourages them to learn and develop. Approximately 10 million teachers from 75% of US schools use the eLearning app to provide students with a familiar program in an unusual way (for example, in the form of research). Thus, the material is easier to remember, and the lessons are not boring.

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Khan Academy public video course platform

Founded 16 years ago by Harvard and MIT graduate Salman Khan, Khan Academy set out to make education available everywhere. And it seems that this goal has been successfully achieved.

The resource offers about 10,000 lessons in history, medicine, finance, economics, programming, and other disciplines. The base of courses is regularly expanded and includes short videos grouped by subject and complexity. A user can revise theoretical issues by performing practical tasks and tests. Each student learns their subject at a comfortable pace because the service can personalize any program. The distance learning platform is available in 43 languages, enabling millions of students to receive their education online.

VioletLMS learning management system

VioletLMS is one of the leading online employee training platforms for ten industries, from energy and hospitality to insurance and manufacturing. This is a reliable digital platform for creating and hosting training courses for staff, customers, and distributors.

In the app, you can set up individual training schemes for specialists using motivation elements (badges, points, leader ratings, and so on). Employees can train at any convenient time by logging into the system through the mobile platform. Student progress is tracked through automatic reports in the form of tables and graphs. If you need to meet with your mentor, keep in mind that VioletLMS is integrated with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and BigBlueButton.

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Prezi dynamic presentation platform

Prezi is an improved version of PowerPoint. The service is filled with unique features that allow you to create dynamic and exciting presentations for school lessons and university lectures.

This eLearning app is based on beautifully designed templates allowing you to build your own stunning presentation, video, or design. Easy-to-create interactive charts, reports, infographics, and maps enliven information and help students remember content easily. Teachers can share their work with colleagues so that they diversify lessons with visual quality content and save time preparing for classes.

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EduBrite learning management system

EduBrite was created to help small and large companies train new employees, adapt them to work in a team, and support customers and partners. Based on the platform, managers can create and place corporate online courses in a special editor.

You can upload videos, audio files, presentations, and documents to EduBrite. Employees are trained through the EduBrite mobile app development services by Andersen. The platform can be connected as a module to your own Atlassian Confluence wiki. Such interaction ensures quick onboarding and team growth.

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Qstream Microlearning App

Training in Qstream is organized in such a way as to help employees close gaps in their knowledge, obtain new skills, and increase productivity as quickly as possible. The app includes interval learning and repetition, gamification, a methodology for consolidating knowledge, and other effective ways of obtaining information.

In the Content Hub, managers create lessons based on a library of templates and a set of control questions. Instant feedback and interactivity increase employee engagement by 90%. Personalization helps people to hone their skills and improve qualifications. Science-based algorithms provide a 170% increase in memory retention time. The analytical panel reflects the progress of training and performance of employees.

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WizIQ virtual classroom

The WizIQ educational platform is designed to organize learning in a virtual classroom. The online learning app provides a set of tools for creating and customizing interactive courses. You can use WizIQ's online test builder to assess student knowledge. The capabilities of the platform make it possible to arrange distance learning for schoolchildren and students, additional classes to prepare for exams, and corporate training.

Lessons are available around the clock, you can access them on computers, tablets, and smartphones. For each student, the platform gathers analytics to evaluate learning outcomes.

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Online learning apps are becoming indispensable assistants to teachers. 35% of US educators use digital tools because they allow for personalized learning and quick insight into student performance. For corporations, this is an opportunity to quickly adapt new employees to work in a company. 41% of students believe that online education is better than traditional one. In any case, society has already entered an era where digital education either goes hand in hand with classical education or replaces it. Therefore, eLearning software by Andersen services have become an important direction in the development of many organizations.

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