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Product Catalog Web App with Flask, Vue and Mongo

Overview of My Submission

Product Catalog web app is a simple catalog where user named Supplier will create products and Customer will browse these products on the platform.

The product has few information such as product name, category of the product, supplier of the product, to mention only 3.

Customer can search based on product name, category name or first name of the supplier (this is done by Flask with Atlas Search). After receiving search results, they can also filter those search results (This is done by Vue in the browser).

ROLES SUMMARY: Supplier -> (creates product); Customer -> (search among products, rate the product)

I built the app using Flask, Vue and MongoDB. Vue is responsible for displaying data stored in MongoDB to users and Flask is serving as an interface between MongoDB and Vue. Products' images are stored in Cloudinary using its public API.

Submission Category:

  • E-Commerce Creation

Link to Code

Additional Resources / Info

Database structure and indexes images:

Product collection

Category collection

User collection

Supplier search index

Category search index

Product search index

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Dibas Dauliya

Wonderful! ❤️‍🔥