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Are there any plans (or hesitations) about extending into areas other than backend servers where binary efficiency and ease of expressiveness matters?

For example, embedded or IoT?


I think we're still trying to learn all the different use cases in which Crystal may be an awesome match, but I'm not that sure that's something you can plan - I feel it's a bit ecosystem-driven.

One awesome use case for Crystal that isn't that explored yet is all the command line tools made in Ruby (I'm thinking about fastlane, CocoaPods, Vagrant, Chef, you-name-it) that don't have to do with Ruby code. There's a great boost in performance if you run a command and you don't have to load the whole interpreter + parse + interpret live for a shortly-lived process - that, if you run it again, will go through the same overhead once again.

IoT and embedded systems are things we have on radar, but we still haven't found how that will play with the fact of being a GCed language, for example.

But you can toy with it as Faustino here says, and let us know how the language could fit your use cases better!


I also think Crystal would be very useful at IoT level.

Some useful links:

You can also use an empty prelude and implement your own standard library , write inline assembly executing low level code and binding C code.

Some benefits are faster compilation times and smaller binaries.

If you use a empty prelude the only disadvantage is no access to the standard library, but you still can use C bindings.

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