re: What are your biggest struggles in learning JavaScript? VIEW POST

  • Closures and 'this'
  • looping over properties
  • browser nuances
  • browser support. All these neat new features arriving in JS that I don't know if I can use or not
  • libraries that use .map(index, item) vs .map(item, index) (The latter is the better BTW)
  • var functions vs function declarations
  • naming conventions clashing between JS, CSS, and AJAX (camelcase, hyphen-case, and lowercase respectively)
  • funky auto-casting
  • double trouble 0.1+0.2 != 0.3
  • null, undefined, and undeclared
  • === and !==
  • "Optional" semi-colons
  • Frameworks that multiply like Tribbles

Each one on it's own is an inconvenience and every language has its issues. But put all of these together and it makes coding a terrible experience.

Javascript really is the English of programming languages. It's ubiquitous and it's surprising how much gets done in it, but it's not a beautiful or good language by any stretch of the imagination.

It makes me wonder everyday why Node.js was/is a thing that grew beyond just an April Fools joke.

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