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  1. Mutility - A Magic: the Gathering life counter. It's niche but Does One Thing Well. There are a lot of these but they've got "2000s" Geocities UI all over them or they try to handle every case while ignoring the Core usage. It's pretty, simple and functional: two finger press makes it easy to -1 one player and +1 the other player, common case for "life drain" or "lifelink"

  2. Google Maps - consistency consistency consistency. New features are kept away from the main-flow and only added when they significantly add to the experience.

  3. Kindle / Shazam / Notes - I've grouped these together because they all go straight to The Thing I Want To Do. If I'm doing one thing with this app (reading, scanning song, writing a new note) 95% of the time I open it, then please, save me the tap and just go straight to that.

I do have to disagree with Spotify currently being good. It used to be excellent but they move things around so much I feel like it's a new app on each open.

Other ones that used to be fantastic and lovely to use but fell down the bloat hole:

  • Evernote
  • iMessage
  • Facebook messenger

Just because you can have 5 things in the bottom menu tray, doesn't mean you have to. Just because you can have a bottom menu tray, doesn't mean you should.

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