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During a particularly bad project (15 hour days, everyday), an Anxiety + Burnout + Imposter Syndrome cycle sent me down a spiral that triggered depression to where I sought professional help.

Step 1: Having read about other's experiences with the same allowed me to recognize the problem and the need to get help.

Step 2: RUN, don't walk, to help.

Even when I got back to an "okay" state, it took months for me to get back to "normal"

I've since become ruthless with establishing and keeping professional boundaries, and putting a lot of effort into self-care. I know "self-care" is amorphous word, but for me it's eating right, at least walking everyday, staying in touch with my friends (even if I'm not feeling super social), being kind to myself, and spending my free-time as free-time (no workaholism).

While I don't see a counselor regularly, I have no qualms about seeing another if The Black Dog returns (

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