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1) Braindump. Write things down; type them if you must. Either just a bulleted list or full paragraph journal-style is good.

2) Stop working earlier. If I'm going to bed at midnight, I try to close the laptop at 10:30PM or yeah, no sleep. No sleep means a cascading failure of do { more coffee; poor code; more stress; less sleep; } while (true)

3) read fiction before bed, or meditate.

4) this might sound a little crazy, but really does help: talk into your phone's voice memo's app. It's kind of like Rubber duck debugging


Thank you! My problem's that since I live in a campus, the border between studying/working and living is extremely thin, so even though I stop coding before it's still worry hard not to think of what I've done/what I need to do 😪

I'll definitely give a try to the recording method 👌

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