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I knew pretty early on I wanted to be an engineer (8th Grade) and had a school system that fostered that.
By high school I was deciding which "kind" of engineer and had narrowed it to electrical and software.

I dual-majored in EE and CS in college (5 year program = 2 Bachelors degrees). It didn't cost much more than a normal 4-year degree. I dual-majored because I loved doing both EE and CS and wanted to maximize my employability. It was the recession and moving back home was NOT an option. I had to survive and thrive on my own after college.

From then on I've made a career out of it and love it, warts and all. It feels like a golden opportunity to be able to do what I love, make a good paycheck out of it, have a thriving community around it, and be able to share what I make with friends and family.

I've got an EE degree that just gathers dust, so that's a career that could've been. It does help to know some low level stuff but I'm not thinking about NAND gates when I'm writing Java or Python.

Writing appeals to me. If I ever go remote and freelance, I'd like to write for fun.

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