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Deepest Truth in Huawei problem(Monopoly) and how vulnerable we all are!!!

DISCLAIMER: This topic is created only for technology discussion and possible solutions, not about any political related discussion.

I and my colleague started discussing Google's ban on Huawei phones. Which may be a death blow to Huawei. Jokily we mentioned that what will happen of Google ban's service in our country or Oracle immediately imposes the ban on usage of MYSQL and JAVA. Basically, the monopoly in most of the internet segment is the key problem.

UI frameworks such as Angular, React, Polymer etc were controlled by Google, facebook/ twitter. Almost all the popular frameworks and technologies are being controlled by them. Which make us vulnerable and need to bend for all those regulation imposed by them.

Practically it takes years for Frameworks like Vue to take off. While shitty frameworks like Angular1.0 which takes off much easier and almost everybody started using it because of Google.

I personally feel that the internet and important technologies should be free and open and always available to all. And open source projects should be truly open and should continue to deliver good things at all cost.

We need an alternate way to solve those problems. Internet and key technologies should not be restricted by ethnicity, Location, political factors etc.

The alternate should be truly distributed, easily available to all the people.

Please suggest your thoughts here. Do we need an alternate solution? If so what will it be?

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