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Discussion on: Terrible Interview Questions

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Interviewer: When you are planning to get married?

Me (Surprised): Why do you ask this question?

Interviewer: Since people may take Some time off if they got married, soo?

Me (I was like what???): I am 21. I didn't plan for the next 5 years. And basically, I am a guy. there are no chances that I go for paternity leave. Moreover, it is a very personal question.

The above was the question asked to me by some HR in the last round of interview. I declined the company offer because of it.

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Joe Hobot

I do not think that this happened in USA because it is illegal to ask any sort of questions like. Do you have wife? Do you have children etc..

Yeah sure later when you are hired, you got to put Married, 15 kids and 3 cats for your insurance and taxes but at interview? Nope.

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Emma Bostian ✨

Uh wtf

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Michiel Hendriks Author

I bet that company doesn't hire women at all, as they might get married and might get pregnant.
The question is so terrible it overshoots being funny and lands to being just plain horrible.

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I have a feeling this company also likes to ask women if they're planning on having children anytime soon. NOT ok.