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10+ bonus resources from the Dev Weekly newsletter (Issue #25) πŸ“§

For those who don't know what Dev Weekly is, it's a weekly developer-focussed newsletter which I've created in order to share resources which I get to other developers in order to help them.

Dev Weekly covers not only dev related links but also for UI/UX designers, comes with weekly coding challenges, some tips on life and industry, events to attend, videos and tutorials. It finishes off with a Repo of the Week. All in all, it's a newsletter which will help everyone in the industry, that's why it comes with more than 50 resources in a single issue. It can be a lot to take in for a newbie but I suggest reading 1-2 articles a day of your choice.

But wait...I collect more resources like these in a week so I've decided that those links which couldn't be added in this week's issue to be listed here. I hope you will enjoy these articles/videos. Cheers! 🍻

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Here we goooo!

_**Bold** ones are my favourite_

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Miscellaneous

  1. Data detox: Five ways to reset your relationship with your phone - Mozilla Blog

  2. Semantic Versioning Explained - Web Dev Simplified Blog

  3. The most common mistake engineers make during the designer-developer handoff - Inside Design

  4. Why should developers learn how to design? Meet Nick Farina, who did just that. - Inside Design

  5. Software disenchantment -

πŸ“± Mobile App Development

  1. Swift Package Manager vs CocoaPods vs Carthage for All Platforms - Codementor Blog

  2. Unit Testing With Flutter: Getting Started -

  3. Zero-cost* abstractions in Kotlin - Android Developers Medium

🌐 Web Development

  1. πŸ–Š CodePens of the week: Witchermorphism by Piotr Galor, subscribercoaster by Adam Kuhn and Walkers - How to by Louis Hoebregts.

  2. Publish a Static Website in a Day with MkDocs and Netlify - The Startup

  3. What React Does (and Doesn't Do) - Dave Ceddia

  4. Roles and relationships - Sarah Higley

  5. How to Write a Flutter Web Plugin - Flutter Medium


  1. Your UX job title ultimately doesn’t matterβ€”but this does - Inside Design

  2. 9 tips to quickly improve your UI designs - UX Collective

🌟 Repository of the Week

Clay Containers by Michael Aubrey

🎬 Video(s)

  1. Building Consistent Cross-Platform Interfaces - Amazon Web Services

  2. #AskFlutter: Q&A with Jenn Creighton (Flutter Interact '19) - Flutter

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ« Tutorial(s)

  1. Flutter Google Maps and Live Location Tracking | Flutter Maps Tutorial - RetroPortal Studio

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