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5 React.js UI Component libraries.

What is a React.js UI Component library?

These are pre-designed building blocks for projects where you need to construct things quickly and don't need much customization.
We will look over my favorite top 5 libraries here.

Material UI

It is an implementation of Google's design language which is Material Design.
It is easily the most popular component library in the React eco-system.
Has a lot of components & good community support.
They also offer some paid themes & components.
In terms of drawbacks, I found the design language to be too boring. Although they do state that you can implement your own design system but I find the customization methods to be not so developer friendly.

Ant UI

It is based on the Ant design language. It is a pretty looking design system. They offer > 60 high-quality components.
They also have a professional version for enterprise applications. My experience with customization has been decent. You can utilize LESS variables to customize design tokens based on the appearance and feel of your brand.

Chakra UI

If Tailwind CSS and React CSS-in-JS had a child it would be Chakra.
It is entirely customizable, has excellent community support, and all of the components are designed with composition in mind, allowing you to easily construct your own components.
One of the things I admire about it is that it does not make concessions in terms of accessibility. They also provide premium components to help you construct things even faster.

Base Web

It is created, managed, and utilized by Uber.
It includes a wide range of attractive components, with accessibility as the top focus.
It is quick since it is built with the Styletron engine. Style overrides can be used to tweak themes, but in my experience, I've never required them because the design vibe they're trying for is precisely what I want.

Geist UI

It is based on the design language of Vercel.
It is without a doubt the most visually appealing library I have ever encountered.
The components are well-made, however they are limited in quantity & I have noticed some accessibility issues. It is quite underappreciated and has a small community.
You may use it for small projects that require a aesthetically pleasing look and feel.

Here are some more to checkout:

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