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How to start web automation?

Welcome back to yet another informative blog. So today, I'm going to give you the most practical and realistic guide to start web automation. So let's begin.
Web Automation

Web automation is generally connected with web scraping but to make it clear, both are different fields. Web scraping just involves use of tools/libraries like BeautifulSoap, Scrapy, Selenium etc. to scrap out some data from any website for any specific purpose like collecting data to test a model, do data analytics, machine learning, data science etc. On the other hand, web automation is the process of creating a workflow of a long & hectic web process like filling a registration form, logging in a site, creating batch accounts on a site, to create a pseudo-API (sort of Makeshifter) etc.

Reasons to learn web automation

Web Automation

  • Personally, I love it because I can create such workflows which can ease my daily life like I can log into my college website in a single click (which also involves captcha recognition), creating a bot to take my online class, creating a linkedin post liker script etc.

  • Companies are looking for Automation engineers to ease their workflows. This helps them save a lot of time and money. So they don't hesitate giving a good money to the apt candidate.

  • Most of the ideas of web automation are creative and sort of different from each other. It helped me think out of the box.

How can I learn?

  • A small tutorial of 1-2 hours of python selenium is pretty enough to create your first few projects of python. So you can do hands-on from the first day itself.

  • Just learn enough that you can manage clicking, sending input and exception handling.

  • Create plenty of projects. Only they can polish you in this skill. If you face any issue then do search for it on google and you will see that stackoverflow, stack-exchange are there to help you. If you still feel like you're not getting any solution, don't hesitate to ask me in comments or social medias.

Project Ideas

  • Create a automatic login script for any website of your choice.

  • Also try doing some scraping using selenium.

  • Try to create bots like auto liker, auto commenter but beware of the strong security that some sites have.

  • I am blog writer, not google or youtube, go search there.

So this is it from my side for today. Hope you got some value from this.

See you in another such blog.

Signing off,
This is VAIB

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