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PWA's seems very promising the way its being nearing the gap towards Native apps.Saying PWA's will uproot(in next 5+ years) the native apps and the related ecosystem is entirely wrong and neither PWA's will be dusted away as well.For any organisation to come up with a mobile app ,tough choices has to be made like
Time to Market,Cost Effectiveness, Maintenance , Performance.

These factors play a pivotal role in choosing native over PWA's or vice-versa.If cost effectiveness is the priority over optimal-killer performance , PWA's is wining the battle already and its trending.More and more companies are leveraging their developers already known web technologies to build PWA/Hydrid Apps using React native/Phonegap/Ionic.

On the contrary, building data rich & enhanced user interaction apps with multi-threading rendering screen in micro seconds Native is clear winner.

Apart from these factors, companies like Apple and Google earns a major slice of revenue from app stores and google stores.They wont encourage axing their revenue slice by letting PWA's becoming a major threat.Both PWA's and Native are evolving and giving a tough competition, leaving behind choices to user to use their due diligence.

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