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Next Right Now v2 - Play around with Next.js v9.4 using SSG/SSR, incremental builds, fallback builds, preview mode and more!

vadorequest profile image Vadorequest ・1 min read

Hello React lovers.

We recently released NRN v2, which features building web apps using Next.js framework (9.4) and GraphQL/GraphCMS. πŸŽ‰

Next Right Now (NRN) is meant to help you build production-grade projects using the Next.js framework. It can be used as a boilerplate to start a new project, or as an educational resource.

The v2 version brings the following features out of the box:

  • SSG: Static pages (per-page configuration SSG/SSR)
  • Preview mode: Preview dynamic content on β€œstatic” pages
  • Incremental rebuild: Rebuild part of your app incrementally (per-page configuration) to automatically keep static content up-to-date
  • Partial pre-build: Use fallback option to build your pages on-demand, and have them statically served afterwards
  • Full TS support
  • Hosted on Vercel
  • Advanced stages and secrets configuration
  • SaaS B2B advanced support (monorepo design)
  • I18n/Localisation
  • Automated deployments (CI/CD) using Github Actions
  • Monitoring, testing and analytics
  • Integrated documentation website using Jekyll and GitHub Pages

Demo: (play around with SSG/SSG, incremental builds, fallback builds, preview mode and more!)


What's next?

NRN next preset will be an Airtable integration (instead of GraphCMS), to showcase how to consume a REST-ish API

NRN is officially recommended by React i18next for internationalising Next.js apps

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