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Everyone NEEDS to use this API!!

Before this blog post I would like to say 2022 was a great year, but now it is time to move on to 2023 so I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope you achieve your goals this year. Me personally wish to get into the nitty gritty of machine learning and make some income off of my programming ventures as I couldn't get much success during these 3 years.

With that out of the way I can say my new years eve challenge is over as I built this meme api before the clock struck 12AM. I am right now eating cake at 12:18AM writing this post and am thrilled to say that this api is done. Learned about a new hosting provider which is great alternative to heroku as heroku removed the free tier which was quite sad to see. is phenomenal as it takes very little effort to get an api running.

The API is quite simple and I will be using it for my personal projects aswell since it is something i've always wanted but never found. The API gets the current most popular memes from some of my favorite subreddits and will be pretty useful for my fun challenges like this one.

Here is the API:

The name was inspired by some of the new company domains which have switched from .com to .co which looks quite aesthetic in my opinion.

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José Pablo Ramírez Vargas

Ok, this API thing is very nicely done. I applaud you. You 🔨 (nailed) it.

The code samples is a super nice touch and "Freemium" made me chuckle. Thanks!

I'll be tooting your API url. I'll also follow you on the condition that you'll blog about the making process. Ok? Don't fail me!

José Pablo Ramírez Vargas ( -

38 Posts, 29 Following, 19 Followers · Senior Backend Software Developer Have worked for many big ones: HP, P&G, Brightstar, IBM, Intel. Two-time nominee for Microsoft MVP in C# back when I moderated the Spanish MSDN Forums. My passion is .Net/C#, but I do enjoy pretty much anything about programming. Lately I've been involved a bit into some front-end programming and some NodeJS backend too. Daddy to #wjconfig I write code with discipline. Oh, I love Age of Empires! #AoE

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ssemugenyi isaac

Nicely done. Thanks for the inspiration. I have always wanted to develop and connect one to rapidapi. Surely me too gonna make it a goal for 2023.

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thanks and good luck on your api :)

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