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How to reduce debt during implementation

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How Feature Flags helps reduce debt during implementation

Feature Flags are essentially variables that are used inside conditional statements. Therefore, the blocks inside these conditional statements can be toggled 'on or off' depending on the value of the feature toggles. A block of code that has been toggled 'off' is similar to it being commented out. This allows developers to control the flow of their software and bypass features that are not ready for deployment.

The main usage of feature flags is to avoid conflict that can arise when merging changes in software at the last moment before release. Although this can lead to Flag debt. Flag debt arises due to the dead code present in software after a feature has been toggled on permanently and produces overhead. This portion of the code has to be removed carefully as to not disturb other parts of the code.

What is UpStamps?

UpStamps is a Feature Flag Management Platform to separate code from different environments and projects.

UpStamps helps teams manage their projects using feature management with a Central control to progressively deliver features to users with confidence.

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