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vault Error ... unsupported protocol scheme ""

I was brainless enough to get into this situation while using the Vault client binary:

unsupported protocol scheme ""

A better translation would be, "WTF my man, is this even a URI??"

It's probably because of a malformed URI or absent URI getting used in a web request by GoLang's HTTP thingy.

if !isHTTP {
        return nil, &badStringError{"unsupported protocol scheme", scheme}

Here's an example of what I did with it:

namespaccckler[micro-service-metadata-provider !?+]$ vault status
Error checking seal status: Get notsosecure/v1/sys/seal-status: unsupported protocol scheme ""
namespaccckler1[micro-service-metadata-provider !?+]$ export VAULT_ADDR=
namespaccckler[micro-service-metadata-provider !?+]$ vault status
Key             Value
---             -----
Seal Type       shamir
Initialized     true
Sealed          false
Total Shares    10
Threshold       4
Version         1.6.3+prem
Cluster Name    vault-cluster-c9387625
Cluster ID      0280f278-443a-210c-dcdd-c3dee0bd5f1d
HA Enabled      false
namespaccckler[micro-service-metadata-provider !?+]$ 

Anyone else run into this sort of bungling?

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