How do I set up a Local HashiCorp Vault Cluster in 4 command lines?

Nathan Bas.🛡 on December 09, 2018

What I'd like to give you is a Vault environment you can get up and running with in less than 25 minutes, with 4 command lines!* Disclaimer: Tho... [Read Full]
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I was looking for an article on getting Vault installed on ubunto. Big new I didn't find any on the first page so I just clicked on yours. Although this article is for MacOs and windows but it kinda helped a little.

I then continued my search and on the 5th page of google I found this blog.carbonteq.com/vault-installat... and I was only able to understand it because I had read your article so ... passive thanks... I guess.


This is designed assuming that you're on your own laptop. Because everything runs on Vagrant, and Vagrant will create VirtualBoxVMs for you, these instructions will work on any operating system on which you can install Vagrant and VirtualBox.


Thanks. Although my setup is now working but anything goes wrong next time I will get virtual machine and follow the instructions.


Thats bit more than 4 lines :) but ok .. I get it ;)


// , Technically there are only 4 commands until the cluster comes up. But you're correct that just referring to those means being a little over-optimistic, because the installation of the prerequisites Git, VirtualBox, and Vagrant isn't necessarily a matter of CLI commands.


// ,

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Nice write up. Link to the ASCII in your console?? 🦄

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