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Metadigest Newsletter 003 - Tech Highlights

uzayg profile image Uzay-G ・5 min read

Hey! This is the third issue of my automated and curated newsletter Metadigest. Its goal is to collect the best tech articles with an efficient algorithm. I then curate these results to ensure their quality and deliver them to you.

Our picks

Airbnb Case Study: How to reduce churn with personalization

A colorful case study of Airbnb's UI in the form of a comic.

The hierarchy of cringe

Thought-provoking insights into social media culture and how people perceive each other through the web.

Hard Problems in Cryptocurrency: Five Years Later

  • Japanese hotel room costs $1 a night, but you have to livestream your stay

    A hotel manager in Japan is finding new ways to make his business stand out.

  • Cryptoqueen: A woman scammed the world, then vanished

    How a cunning woman made billions tricking people into buying her fake cryptocurrency.

  • The Bus Ticket Theory of Genius

    An essay on what makes smart people geniuses.

  • TikTok: Cheerfulness and censorship

  • Stop using Facebook

    A website explaining why and how we should stop selling our privacy to the Facebook monopoly.

  • privacy

  • Designed for Reliability

  • practices

  • security
  • A Winding Road to InfoSec

    1.2 billion people exposed in data leak

    The data of more than a billion people was exposed on a public web server.

  • privacy

  • Not beating C with 96 lines of Inko

  • plt

  • 22 Short Lessons To Become A Mobile Programmer Using Flutter Framework

    Here is a list of 22 short, video lessons aimed for absolute beginners and non-programmers to learn mobile software development from scratch.

  • tutorial

  • The FREE AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Study Course (275+ Videos!) 😱

    An in-depth course to learn more about how you can use the AWS ecosystem.

  • aws

  • cloud

  • Adaptive Loading - Improving Web Performance on low-end devices

    Adaptive Loading is a pattern for delivering a fast core experience to all users (including low-end devices) where you progressively add high-end-only features, if a user's network and hardware can handle it

  • webdev

  • These 10 Live Streaming Channels Will Make You a Better Programmer

    Watching a live stream of someone programming is a great way to improve your programming skills. Here are 10 live programming channels worth watching.

  • career

  • streaming

  • 10 tips which help you to learn programming faster

    How you can optimize your learning process as you delve into software programming.

  • career

  • beginners

  • Russia bans sale of smartphones, computers and smart TV's without Russian-made software

    As part of a series of restrictive measures against tech, Russia is now forcing tech products to use Russian software.

  • technology

  • Software

  • Sacha Baron Cohen tore into Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook over hate speech, violence, and political lies

    Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen slammed Facebook and Zuckerberg this week and accused them of spreading hate speech and misinformation.

  • technology

  • Social Media

  • How Shopify successfully merges the work of 1000+ developers everyday

    An overview of how Shopify has developed a multi-layered system for its developers to work together.

    SourceTrail, the interactive source code explorer, is now free and open source

    10M pages analyzed, only 2% pass ADA requirements

    AI was used to rate the accessibility of millions of webpages and a vast majority failed to succeed.

    Some CSS Grid Strategies for Matching Design Mockups

    Interesting projects

    Virtual pet game made for my daughter

    A cute tamagotchi game with clean illustrations.

    Hide Likes Everywhere

    A browser extension to hide social metrics similar to likes. It's goal is to make us less dependent on the social affection or response of others.

    EasyDB – A One-Click Ephemeral Database

    This is still a beta product. If you have any feedback or if you appreciated or disliked any features. We'd love it if you could contact us


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