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Why UXPin Merge is Better for Developers than Figma

A couple of weeks ago I spotted the article Why is Figma Better for Developers? It has great arguments, but I wanted to draw your attention to, oh well, a dev-centric design tool: UXPin Merge.

📝Sidenote: UXPin Merge is a drag-and-drop UI builder that simplifies design for non-designers. With it, you build interfaces with components that come from open-source libraries, so there’s no disconnect between design and code. Copy design to code with two clicks.

You’ve probably witnessed the following complaints:
🗣️Designers: Why doesn’t the product look like my design?
🗣️Developers: Why is it so hard to turn my code into an intuitive UI?

That’s because you’re stuck in a pixel-based environment. It’s 2024. Move on. We have design tools that render code and they will flush comments like that down the toilet. 🚽

Pixels are creating waste. Constant redrawing.

We flipped the script and introduced code-backed components. We imported components from the most popular open-source libraries: MUI, Tailwind UI, React Bootstrap, and Ant Design, and created ✨UXPin Merge libraries✨ to simplify design for you.

If you have a React-based library of your own, we can bring it to UXPin for you. So, you can use your own components, drop them on the canvas, adjust their props, and copy the code in the Spec Mode (in Figma known as “Dev Mode).

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And if you don’t like to start with a blank canvas, you have a couple of options.

First, use AI Component Creator. ✨ Write a prompt, and get a complex component. For now, it works with the Tailwind UI library, but it’s already powerful. You get to test it on trial. Try UXPin Merge for free.

Next, you have templates. ✨ We created layouts of popular UI design screens like a product card, dashboard, pricing, and many more. You can theme it, personalize it, and copy it fully to your workflow.

Patterns are here, too. ✨ Great for UI exploration – copy more complex components without assembling them yourself.

What’s more existing is that UXPin serves as a Google Translate for design to code. You assemble your design with code-backed components, go to Spec Mode, and copy the JSX code to your dev environment. You can also export the code to Stackblitz with one click.

Ditch pixel-based design environment. It slows you down. Move to a code-based to build interfaces 8.6x faster. Use the same building blocks for both worlds. 🌏 And build UI without learning yet another tech.

Summing up, UXPin Merge is a better choice for developers since it has:

  1. Code-backed components
  2. AI Component Creator
  3. Templates & patterns
  4. Design to code right away
  5. Git, Storybook, and npm integration

👉 Try it now.

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abedearmer_45 profile image

It is great to see some decent competition to Figma, I am getting sick of the same old issues with Figma.