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Free Webinar for Busy Devs– Speed up Building Products 8.6x

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When: March 26, 11:00 AM PDT
Where: over Zoom
Who: UXPin

Hey community!

We invited two experts to sit down and show you how to build web apps faster using React, Laravel, and UXPin Merge.

If UI design causes you pain and frustration, we have something for you. It's a code-first tool stack that will transform the way you create UI design, and then, generate code in a matter of few clicks. No design skills needed!

We'll cover these topics:

✨ Why developers need a code-first design tool

✨ An overview of the Merge interface

✨ Building UI with React components

✨ Integrating generated React components into a web application

✨ Advanced Merge features and the roadmap

Save your spot here 👉 Free Webinar

UXPin Merge is a design tool made for developers. It can turn designs you create into React components easily. Plus, it works with popular CSS libraries like Tailwind, MUI, Bootstrap, and Ant Design!

Join Merge expert Jack Behar and full-stack developer Jason Gilmore on March 26 for a one-hour introduction to Merge. They'll show you how to design React components in Merge and then add them to a Laravel application. By the end, you'll know how to start using Merge in your own app development!

See you there! 🎉

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