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Uvindu Harshana
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My Experience on Linux

I used windows for the most part of life. I didn't have any single complaint back then when I was using it. But later on I got bored using windows.
I don't know the exact facts, but I think it's mainly due to lack of customization. I decided to give Linux a try. I did some research and fully installed POP OS, which is a distro based on Ubuntu. I had hard time configuring it to my likings. It wasn't easy, coming from Windows and using POP OS as my daily drive.
Since there aren't any limitations, One can adjust almost everything to his preferences. Once get used to it, it was my SAFE ZONE.

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Austin S. Hemmelgarn

This really aligns with what most people I’ve met who have actually taken the time to learn about Linux have said. As a general rule, they tend to be very happy with it once they finally get it configured the way they want, but the initial transition can ver seriously challenging.

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Uvindu Harshana Author

Yeah. That's the beauty of linux. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!