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When you run command via child_process module you can't able to use cd command, but here I found a way to do that

Hey people,
In my old post, I mentioned a issue . And cause of that issue we couldn't move from one dir to other dir. If we can't change our Current Working Directory, then it is a huge issue and our some task became difficult. But I find a way to do that.

I make one more input box, where you can write your Current Working Directory path and all are working fine. 😄


// code ...

const options = {
    cwd: location, // Here location is your Current Working Directory(cwd)'s path

exec(command, options, (err, stdout, stderr) => {
    if (err) {

//code ...
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So using this web app you can make another web app in your server, but still you haven't any text editor to edit those files.

Next features:

  • Simple text editor to edit text file
  • Improve I/O and O/P experience
  • and more...

Write your suggestions in comment 😄
For better understanding, here is the link of my github project

GitHub logo Utsav-Ladani / Html-and-Terminal

Type command in browser and run on server

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