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Open Source Program which can help you to become a cool developer ( specially for student )

Utsav Ladani
Project enthusiastic | Love JavaScript and Open Source | Learner
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Hey people, I found the two open source program which can help you to learn new skills and it will make you good enough in programming, specially in JavaScript and Python. These programs are specially for students.

Links of these programs are given below:

  1. DevScript Winter of Code
  2. Script Winter of Code

How these programs help you?
You can learn how to read large codebase, learn new trending tech and also learn how to communicate with other developer for help. You can add this in your resume also.

Last date for registration is nearly 20 dec for both. So check the original site and apply for that ASAP.

Happy coding 😄

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Utsav Ladani Author

These will amazing experience for college student who like to code.

mrbeanguy profile image

Very cool, thank you for sharing!