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Beginner Project Idea to Learn Angular and RxJs

Here are some beginner project ideas that cover critical aspects of the Angular framework and RxJS:

  1. Task Management App:
    Create a simple task management application where users can add, edit, and delete tasks. Utilize Angular for the front end and RxJS for managing data streams, such as task lists and filters.

  2. Weather Dashboard:
    Build a weather dashboard that allows users to search for weather information for different locations. Use Angular for the UI components and RxJS for handling API requests and real-time updates.

  3. To-Do List with Drag-and-Drop:
    Develop a to-do list application with the ability to drag and drop tasks to reorder them. Implement this functionality using Angular's drag-and-drop features and manage task state using RxJS.

  4. Chat Application:
    Create a real-time chat application with Angular and RxJS. Use RxJS observables to handle incoming and outgoing messages, and implement features like typing indicators and message history.

  5. User Registration and Authentication:
    Build a user registration and authentication system using Angular for the frontend. Use RxJS for handling form submissions, user authentication, and managing user sessions.

  6. Interactive Maps with Data Visualization:
    Develop an application that displays interactive maps and visualizes data on the maps. Use Angular for the map interface and RxJS for handling data streams and updates.

  7. Movie or Book Catalog:
    Create a catalog of movies or books where users can search, filter, and view details. Use Angular for the user interface and RxJS for managing data retrieval and filtering.

  8. E-commerce Product Catalog:
    Build a simple e-commerce product catalog with Angular and RxJS. Implement features like product filtering, sorting, and cart management using RxJS observables.

  9. Blog or News Reader:
    Develop a blog or news reader application that fetches and displays articles. Utilize Angular for the user interface and RxJS for handling API requests and managing article streams.

  10. Dashboard with Charts:
    Create a dashboard application with various charts and graphs to display data. Use Angular for the dashboard layout and RxJS for handling data streams and updating charts in real-time.

Remember to start with a well-defined project scope and progressively add features as you become more comfortable with Angular and RxJS. These projects will help you gain hands-on experience with key concepts of the framework and reactive programming.

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