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Hello, my name is Adrian Grimm!

I've been a member here for a few years, but I haven't done much writing. This introduction is my first step in a new, focused direction.
I've been writing front-end code for about three years. I had been taking classes in Database Administration. I also took a class on HTML and CSS, followed by a JavaScript course. I enjoyed these classes so much that I realized this was what I wanted to do.
Finally! After years of searching, I was able to find my direction. When I say finally, I mean I've worn many hats. I was a professional chef with a degree from Johnson & Wales University. Then I earned the title of United States Marine. Leaving active duty, I found employment as a Correctional Officer. Currently, I work as a senior tech support agent helping with alarm systems.
I completed the front-end developer program and continued my learning journey. Expanding on what I had learned, I went more in-depth with React. I added Gatsby and crafted a website for a small Swedish band that has become my pride and joy. Imagine how happy I was to find #VetsWhoCode, where I could start learning in earnest.
I have a voracious thirst for knowledge and am always looking to learn. While expanding my skills, I hope to have more free time to dive into Ruby and Ruby on Rails, among others.
Life isn't only about writing code, and when I'm not at my desk, I'm spending time with my wife, kids, and cats. I love Star Wars (recently finished reading the Thrawn Trilogy!) and Colts football, and I work so much better listening to music!
So hit me up on Twitter as @usmcamgrimm and check out my GitHub as usmcamgrimm and let's talk!

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Ali Navidi

Good luck!

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Adrian Grimm

Thanks! My past experiences play their part in how I approach learning to code and how I work, so I would definitely agree with you.