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Building Decentralized Application using Blockchain in Ethereum

Blockchain was initially developed to introduce a peer-to-peer payment system. However, it has now broken the barriers and becoming popular in other sectors as well. The applications of Blockchain are widely being discussed in financial systems, educational areas, e-governance use cases, supply-chain systems, assets ownership management systems and many more. The decentralized and transparent mechanism of the technology has made it more popular in addressing the data tampering/manipulation and single point of failure issues.

The smart contracts that were first introduced by Ethereum have caught the attention in developing the decentralized applications. Smart contracts are the piece of programming code which are based on conditions and they trigger if certain condition is fulfilled. Since the smart contracts are automatically executed, the need for the intermediate third party has been eliminated.

Being a hot-field, I also wanted to become a part of this community and learn about developing decentralized apps. No doubt, the application areas of Blockchain-based DApps are tremendously wide and more & more Blockchain developers are required in this industry. While searching for useful resources for learning the Blockchain development, I came across the tutorials from DApp University. These tutorials start teaching you from the basics of Blockchain and then move further to the development of the DApps using Ethereum.

The following are some basic yet very helpful tutorials that I would recommend you to get start with if you are looking to become a Blockchain developer.

I hope it helps.

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