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The most popular search engines

Many users find Google the most popular search engine. It is true, but it’s also true, that there are other popular engines and they serve lots of search queries per day. They’re available and also useful. Let’s talk about them.

Google. This is a giant in its niche and its nearest competitor is far from it. Including all the countries Google is the most popular. In other words it is global search engine with its specific algorithm focused on user-friendly factors. All the web-resources should be oriented to site-visitors. Useful, informative and easy in use sites have an advantage, but of course Google algorithm consists of endless list of factors and to be in TOP, webmasters are to do their best.
So, if you’re interested in List of the most popular search engines welcome:
Bing. It has become available since 2009. It is used in more than forty languages. It is developed by Microsoft Corporation. Yahoo search is powered by Bing.
Yahoo. It was founded in 1994. It searches on the basis of Bing. It also works as email provider and by the way is the best known email provider. It is the third best known search engine globally.
ASK. It was founded in 1996. Question-Answer format became successful. Its popularity as search engine is high enough.
Baidu. It was founded in 2000. In China Baidu is the best known search engine. It serves more than one billion search queries per month. But remember, it is Chinese engine.
DuckDuckGo. It was founded in 2008. The founders refuse to track users and it is a core advantage of it. DuckDuckGo has many other nice features.
Blekko. It is a new engine. It has favorable searching facilities. Webmasters can use its tools for free. This is user friendly system.

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