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November release update


In the last month, we released a series of updates to Lagoon 2.2.0 (2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3 and 2.2.4

These were all to address unforeseen issues with the new features introduced in 2.2.0 - namely Kubernetes Network Policy support, Rootless workloads and Ingress annotation linting.

See the full 2.2 changelog


November saw the first release of lagoon-cli under the uselagoon namespace 0.12.0 - complete with updated homebrew taps, docker images and M1-compatible binaries

See the full changelog


November saw the first time we've used a patch release for the Lagoon images. The 21.11.0 release saw updates to a number of packages that had been held back in October.

We used the 21.11.1 release to update the Alpine versions in use for all the images to address a couple of vulnerabilities

See the full changelog


As Lagoon-sync is still in active development, there was a couple of small hotfix-releases in November.


There were the usual updates across the Lagoon examples, reflecting the Drupal core update cycles.

What's up next month?

In December, we will be debuting a couple of new things:

  • a reorganisation of our Lagoon example repositories (one repo per example, instead of the multi-branch Drupal example)
  • The ability to publish and consume "experimental" images from Lagoon-images ahead of their general release
  • A new documentation site, built using Github Pages
  • A new Lagoon website - be still my beating heart!

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