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Lagoon Hacktoberfest 2020 – call for more examples!
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Lagoon Hacktoberfest 2020 – call for more examples!

Hacktoberfest is an annual, month-long celebration of open source software, designed to drive participation in open source communities, have fun and get some neat swag!

To participate in the festivities, you will need:, being a fully open source company, and Lagoon, being a fully open source project are natural fits for the Hacktoberfest ethos, and we want 2020 to be epic! With the release of Lagoon 2.0 still on track for release in the next couple of weeks, we appreciate that it may take time for our community to get up to speed and start contributing to it (although rapturous applause is due to anybody that does). With this in mind, we got together the brains trust to work out what the best approach to Hacktoberfest was for us.

One of Lagoon’s (and’s) strengths is in the breadth of content management systems, frameworks and tools supported – we’ve got sites running Drupal, WordPress, Laravel, Python, Hugo, Gatsby (and a few others too) – but we don’t have a broad enough range of example projects, templates or guidance available. One of the most commonly raised concerns in our semi-regular office hour conversations is also that there is documentation for Drupal on Lagoon, but not much beyond that.

So here’s what we’re looking for:

  • Help us to broaden the number of example projects we have – if you can spin up an open source CMS or framework that we don’t currently have as a docker-compose stack, send us a PR. Look at the existing examples at for tips, pointers and starter issues
  • One small catch – wherever possible, we’d like them to be built using our base Docker hub images – if we don’t have a suitable image, or our images need modifying – throw us a PR (if you can) or an issue (and someone else can!) at
  • Help us to improve the examples we already have – we’d love it if you could build ‘em, test ‘em, improve ’em – are we following best practice, is there something we’re doing that doesn’t make sense?
  • Super bonus points for anyone that helps contribute to tests for any of these examples – we’ve got some example tests in a couple of the projects you can use for guidance. The testing framework we’re using is Leia, from the excellent team behind Lando
  • Help us to document our other examples better – we’re not expecting a full manuscript, but tidy-ups, outlinks to helpful resources and clarifying statements are all super-awesome. We’ve got a brand new documentation site over at, and all the documentation is found at – feel free to contribute what you can

What we’ll do for you:

  • We’re actively working in this space too – if you need a pointer or a hand, reach out to us, either in a GitHub issue or via our Rocket Chat
  • We’ll look to get merges done as early as possible, to give you all a good chance to iterate
  • We’ll be tagging some issues in our main repos for Lagoon, Lagoon-images and Lagoon-examples with a “Hacktoberfest” label if you’re looking for somewhere to start
  • We’ll also run our keen technical spidey-senses across all your contributions – and the swag gods and goddesses will shine on any contributions that are particularly noteworthy (in addition to the t-shirt/tree that is being offered as part of Hacktoberfest)
  • We’re still evolving our strategy for how to best support a growing range of frameworks and CMS toolset – but one thing is for sure – we hate seeing people reworking a job already done!

For the super-keen, here are the repositories for Lagoon itself – we’ll still welcome any contributions there too!

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